I went to a German School in Lagos, Nigeria and as recently as the age of 13, I experienced my first identity crisis when my parents decided to return to Greece in the beginning of the 1980s. I wasn’t Greek, I wasn’t German, and I wasn’t Nigerian… what was I? And why didn’t I seem to ‘fit’ with my fellow countrymen… ?

Psychology or as I prefer to call it, ‘human behaviour’ is fundamental to who we are, what we do, why we think the way we think and most importantly why we FEEL the way we feel…. So, this is what this blog is about. I endeavour to discuss the most basic, and sometimes the not-so-basic issues that drive human behaviour.

Growing up in Nigeria and spending the first thirteen years of my life there, played a crucial role in how I have learned to navigate through challenges and overcome obstacles in my life. What some people might consider ‘normal’ activities such as going to school everyday, were major personal safety projects because of the political climate and conditions in Nigeria at that time. Growing up in this personal multi-cultural “mess”, my subsequent studies have led me to understand how these early years have had such a profound effect on me and affected every part of my life.

My life has always been affected by the concepts of ‘leadership’ and ‘human psychology’  whether it was in Nigeria when I was six and caught in the middle of students’ riots against the military government in the early 1970s or later where I am observing politicians giving speeches in the Greek parliament in a so-called ‘democracy’ that makes one wonder if they are sharing the same reality as ordinary folk or not. But then, reality is probably wonderfully expressed by Woody Allen when he said, “Reality…. what a concept”.

As I observe how leadership in a country that supposedly gave birth to democracy, has come to this sorry state of affairs, I am aware of the monumental task that lays ahead of future leaders in all parts of the world.

These experiences motivated me to develop my ideas against what appears to me to be a complete crisis of the psychology of leadership and humans in general and one that I am experiencing first-hand.

I am more than happy to respond to questions you may have, so in case you would like me to write about a specific issue, answer a specific question (and retain your anonymity) drop me an e-mail at my personal e-mail address: katsarouowg@gmail.com


Maria has over 20 years of practical experience with a background in human resources, psychology and leadership and works with individuals, couples and teams privately as well as in organisations. She comes from a land known for its Great Classics like Socrates as well as the … Durrells (AKA Greece), while she grew up in Nigeria – where she spent the first 13 years of her life – and went to a British Kindergarten, a Greek primary school and German Secondary school. She has lived and worked in Greece, Germany, France and has traveled extensively around the world. She now lives in a small town outside Chester with her partner and their two “four-legged hairy” children (doggies). She has conducted ground-breaking research in trust (Library of Congress, USA) and she is also the co-author of ‘Under Pressure – understanding and managing pressure and stress at the workplace’, published by Marshall Cavendish International (UK). The book has been released in English, Portuguese and Chinese. At the moment she is working on her second book. For more information visit www.leadershippsychologyinstitute.com